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Records Department:

Catherine Blevins (361) 553-4412 Email

Catherine Sullivan (361) 553-4413 Email

Criminal Department:

Janice Holladay (361) 553-4418 Email

Catherine Blevins (361) 553-4412

Civil Department:

Farleigh Burke (361) 553-4417 Email

                          Karina Menchaca (361) 553-4414 Email                             Juvenile Department:

Karina Menchaca (361) 553-4414 Email

 We are excited about the access to our deed records indexes! Thanks to the Commissoner's for the approval of this project. We look forward to future projects that will allow public internet access to other indexes.

Have a great day!

Anna Goodman, Calhoun County Clerk

*when searching court records, if you know only part of the name add a "*" at the end to search.

Example: John* or Smith*